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We did a fair amount of sight-seeing and touristing during our week in Chiapas. We went to a coffee museum in Santo Domingo, paid a short visit to the Mexico/Guatemalan border, saw & did "reflections" on the ancient Mayan ruins of Izapa, ate dinner in the city of Tapachula, and hiked to the glorious Cascada de la Sirena. I won't write too much here about all that, but I did want you all to see more pictures! These pictures were taken at some of the funnest and most light hearted times of our trip. 

One of the highlights of our entire week was the hike to the waterfall. Everything around us incredibly beautiful. Everyone with us took care of each other - making sure no one slipped on the wet earth beneath our feet. God blessed us with much laughter and joy during that hike. If anyone of you reading this goes to Chiapas, my suggestion to you would be to find a waterfall and go swimming! Even if it's freezing. It'll be worth it. I promise.

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